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In preparation for the upcoming release of the 2013 revision of Criminal Law,
we decided to share a couple of blogs or websites related to criminal law matters. We do not endorse any of these sites or guarantee the accuracy of the information contained in them; they were gleaned from a basic Google search for criminal law blogs.

Library of Defense —
— Published by the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, and edited by one of our Criminal Law authors, this frequently updated blog includes articles on recent appellate court decisions and more, with citations and links to supporting sources.

Criminal Law Legal Research Blog —
— Published by National Legal Research Group, Inc., this blog offers current articles of national scope on various criminal law issues, including DNA samples and search and seizure, false confessions, and more.

Crime & Consequences —
— Published by the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation, this blog includes articles on victims’ rights issues, U.S. Supreme Court criminal cases, and studies relevant to public policy issues in the criminal justice arena. Articles are national in scope, and include a number of articles with Oregon ties.

Prison Policy Initiative Blog —
— This blog focuses on issues of prison reform includes articles about Johnny Cash’s activism, Oregon legislation to rein in racial disparities in Oregon prisons, and much more.

Bend Criminal Law Blog —
— Published by the law firm of Wright Van Handel, this relatively new blog includes articles related to domestic violence, sex crimes, and violent crimes.

Straight Talking on the Law —
— Published by Harris Law Firm, this blog includes articles aimed at clients on criminal law topics and more.

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