Criminal Law, 2013 Revision

From its humble beginnings in 1965, the OSB’s Criminal Law has grown to a 3-volume comprehensive treatise. With over 2,000 pages and over 4,000 cases, statutes (current through the 2013 Oregon legislative session), rules, and practice tips, Criminal Law promises to be a valuable resource for any attorney practicing criminal law. This eighth edition incorporates significant new material on sentencing, search and seizure, arraignments, pleas and release, pretrial motion practice, and a variety of other topics.


  • When does police misconduct lead to suppression of evidence?
  • Should you fight extradition?
  • Will your DUII client be required to use an ignition interlock device?
  • When does jeopardy attach?
  • What constitutes an effective waiver of Miranda rights?
  • Can a client withdraw their plea?
  • How do you preserve issues for state post-conviction and federal habeas relief?
  • And much more…

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