Oregon Formal Ethics Opinions – 2014 Supplement Available Now for Preorder

Visit our online bookstore at http://www.osbar.org/store/pub/pubcat.asp?action=view&cat=Ethics to preorder Oregon Formal Ethics Opinions, 2014 Supplement, today!

The 2014 supplement of Oregon Formal Ethics Opinions includes the full text to the most recent version of the Oregon Rules of Professional Conduct, and updated tables, subject index, and opinions citator, PLUS one new 2013 opinion and 17 opinions revised to conform to the new rules:

One new opinion:

  • Ethics Op. 2013-189    Accessing Information about Third Parties Through a Social Media Networking Website

And 17 revised:

  • Ethics Op. 2005-23    Information Relating to the Representation of a Client: Retired and Former Lawyer
  • Ethics Op. 2005-25    Fee Agreements: Suspended and Disbarred Lawyers, Fees and Division of Fees
  • Ethics Op. 2005-39    Lawyer as Pro Tem Judge
  • Ethics Op. 2005-50    Conflicts of Interest, Current Clients: Office Sharers Representing Opposing Parties
  • Ethics Op. 2005-55    Lawyers as Escrow Agents
  • Ethics Op. 2005-81    Communicating with Represented Persons: Information Relating to the Representation of a Client, Second Options
  • Ethics Op. 2005-95    Conflicts of Interest: Duty to Report Disciplinary Rule Violations
  • Ethics Op. 2005-96    Information Relating to the Representation of a Client: Retired and Former Lawyer
  • Ethics Op. 2005-117    Trust Accounts: Funds Held in IOLTA or Non-IOLTA Account, Types of Depository Institutions
  • Ethics Op. 2005-129    Competent Representation, Information Related to the Representation of a Client: Responsibilities on Death of a Sole Practitioner
  • Ethics Op. 2005-133    Attorney Fees: Financing Arrangement
  • Ethics Op. 2005-136    Information Relating to the Representation of a Client: Lawyer Wrongful Termination Claim
  • Ethics Op. 2005-148    Conflicts of Interest, Former Clients: Representing One Spouse in a Dissolution After Joint Estate Planning
  • Ethics Op. 2005-155    Conflicts of Interest: Multiple “Of Counsel” Relationships
  • Ethics Op. 2005-157    Information Relating to the Representation of a Client: Submission of Bills to Insurer’s Third-Party Audit Service
  • Ethics Op. 2005-167    Lawyer as Mediator: Attempted Fraud by One Party
  • Ethics Op. 2005-176     Conflicts of Interest: Lawyer Functioning in Multiple Roles in Client’s Real Estate Transaction
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