Promoting Access to Justice with E-Books

The OSB Legal Publications department launched a new project in May that we wanted to tell you about. We have begun offering a series of Family Law e-books on These e-books include information on how to find and hire a lawyer, as well as links to information about the OSB Lawyer Referral Service, legal aid services in Oregon, and the ABA page on lawyer referral services nationwide.

The purposes of this project are two-fold:

First, we want to promote access to justice for segments of the population that are underserved by the legal community for various reasons, including that they are unaware of their rights, unfamiliar with how to find an attorney, or cannot afford legal counsel at full-market rates.

Second, we want to produce some revenue, albeit a very small “some” so far, for the Legal Publications Department to offset the costs of providing BarBooks™ as a member benefit to all active members of the bar.

If you are a lawyer, these e-books can also be a great resource for your clients to help them understand the legal issues you are assisting them with and the complexity of the work you are doing for them. At only $9.99 each, they are an affordable adjunct to your legal representation of your clients. With this resource on their Kindle or other digital device, your clients can gain a better understanding of what you have already explained to them – this is especially helpful for clients who are not auditory learners and can’t retain all of the important information you have shared with them.

Each title is based on a chapter or chapters from our Family Law treatise, edited by Scott Sorensen-Jolink, Trina J. Strom, and Hon. Katherine E. Tennyson. Available titles are:

Keep your eye out for Consumer Law and Criminal Law series e-books in the future.

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