More E-Books Providing Access to Justice

The OSB Legal Publications department has published its second set of e-books on, this time on the topic of Consumer Law, because consumers have rights, too.

As with the Family Law e-book series, these Consumer Law e-books can be a great resource for your clients to help them understand the legal issues you are helping them with and the complexity of the work you are doing for them. At only $9.99 each, they are an affordable adjunct to your legal representation of your clients. With this resource on their Kindle or other digital device, your clients can gain a better understanding of what you have already explained to them – this is especially helpful for clients who are not auditory learners and can’t retain all of the important information you have shared with them.

Each title is based on a chapter or chapters from our Consumer Law in Oregon treatise, edited by Dick Slottee and Nanina Takla. Available titles are:

Each e-book includes information on how to find and hire a lawyer, as well as links to information about the OSB Lawyer Referral Service, legal aid services in Oregon, and the ABA page on lawyer referral services nationwide.

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