Oregon Insurance Law Codebook, 2020 Edition

• 2 volumes; perfect bound
• 1,008 pages
• Publication Date: May 2020

This two-volume codebook puts the Oregon Insurance Law Code at your fingertips. This codebook serves as a companion to Insurance Law in Oregon, but is also a useful stand-alone resource. It includes 2018 and 2019 legislation. This publication is not available on BarBooks™.

The codebook includes the following ORS chapters in their entirety:

ORS Chapter 731—Administration and General Provisions
ORS Chapter 732—Organization and Corporate Procedures of Domestic Insurers; Regulation of Insurers Generally
ORS Chapter 733—Accounting and Investments
ORS Chapter 734—Rehabilitation, Liquidation and Conservation of Insurers
ORS Chapter 735—Alternative Insurance
ORS Chapter 737—Rates and Rating Organizations
ORS Chapter 741—Health Insurance Exchange
ORS Chapter 742—Insurance Policies Generally; Property and Casualty Policies
ORS Chapter 743—Health and Life Insurance
ORS Chapter 743A—Health Insurance: Reimbursement of Claims
ORS Chapter 743B—Health Benefit Plans: Individual and Group
ORS Chapter 744—Insurance Producers: Life Settlement Providers, Brokers and Contracts; Adjusters; Consultants; Third Party Administrators; Reinsurance Intermediaries; Limited Licenses
ORS Chapter 746—Trade Practices
ORS Chapter 748—Fraternal Benefit Societies
ORS Chapter 750—Health Care Service Contractors; Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements; Legal Expense Organizations
ORS Chapter 752—Professional Liability Funds

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