Oregon Cannabis Codebook, 2020 Edition

Cannabis, both medical and recreational, has been legal in Oregon since 2015. The legislatures and agencies continue to add to the statutes and rules to address this rapidly evolving area of law. Get the latest edition of Oregon Cannabis Codebook and have the statutes and related administrative rules in this growing area of law at your fingertips.


Volume 1 – Statutes

ORS chapter 475B—Cannabis Regulation—is provided in its entirety

Below is a list of some of the areas of law included in volume 1 of the Cannabis Codebook. Relevant statutes are provided from the following ORS chapters:

Property Rights and Transactions:
ORS chapter 90 – Residential landlord and tenant
ORS chapter 105 – Property rights

Criminal Procedure:
ORS chapter 135 – Arraignment and pretrial provisions
ORS chapter 137 – Judgment and execution; parole and probation
ORS chapter 144 – Parole; post-prison supervision
ORS chapter 146 – Investigations of deaths, injuries, and missing persons

Crimes and Punishments:
ORS chapter 161 – Crimes and punishments
ORS chapter 163 – Offenses against persons
ORS chapter 166 – Offenses against public order
ORS chapter 167 – Offenses against general welfare

Revenue and Taxation:
ORS chapter 316 – personal tax
ORS chapter 317 – corporation excise tax

Human Services and Juvenile Code:
ORS chapters 419A–419C – Juvenile Code
ORS chapter 420 – Youth correction facilities
ORS chapter 423 – Corrections and crime control administration

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment:
ORS chapter 430 – Substance abuse treatment programs

ORS chapter 571 – Licensed agricultural crops

Occupations and Professions:
ORS chapter 676 – health professions
ORS chapter 689 – pharmacists; drug outlets and sales

Oregon Vehicle Code:
ORS chapter 801 – Oregon Vehicle Code
ORS chapter 807 – Driving privileges
ORS chapter 809 – Refusal, suspension, and cancellation of driving privileges
ORS chapter 811 – Rules of the road
ORS chapter 813 – Driving under the influence

New legislation enacted by the 2019 Legislature includes provisions affecting production and licensing of marijuana and cannabis; new provisions relating to expungement of marijuana-related convictions, and reduction of offense classification of marijuana convictions; and new provisions relating to agreements with other states regarding delivery of marijuana between states and cross-jurisdictional enforcement of marijuana-related businesses.

Volume 2 – Administrative Rules

The following divisions are provided in their entirety:

OAR chapter 333 division 7 – Marijuana labeling, concentration limits, and testing
OAR chapter 333 division 8 – Medical marijuana
OAR chapter 603, division 48 – Industrial hemp
OAR chapter 845 division 25 – Recreational marijuana

Below is a list of some of the areas of law included in volume 2 of the Cannabis Codebook. Relevant rules are taken from the following OAR chapters and divisions:

Department of Revenue:
OAR chapter 150, division 475 – Marijuana point-of-sale tax

Criminal Justice Commission:
OAR chapter 213, division 19 – drug offense subcategories

Oregon Health Authority:
OAR chapter 333, division 15 – standards for reducing sale of inhalant delivery systems
OAR chapter 333, division 64 – accreditation of laboratories
OAR chapter 415, division 54 – DUII, drug evaluation and screening

Department of Human Services – Self-sufficiency programs:
OAR chapter 461, division 120 – eligibility requirements
OAR chapter 461, division 160 – calculating benefits
OAR chapter 461, division 165 – issuing benefits
OAR chapter 461, division 195 – liens and overpayments

Department of Transportation:
OAR chapter 735, division 61 – third-party testing for Class C driver license
OAR chapter 735, division 64 – special driver permits
OAR chapter 735, division 70 – driver licenses

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  1. Gabe B Parton Lee says:

    Does this codebook contain all previous versions of the administrative rules / statutes? Would like a comprehensive book that shows how the regulations have developed, especially because they change every 6 months.

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