Giving Thanks

OSB Legal Publications would like to thank all of our volunteer authors and editorial review board members for their contribution to our books. We couldn’t do what we do without their tireless efforts and expertise. This year we thank the following bar members:

 Criminal Law, 2013 revision

Laura Fine Moro — C. Amber Kinney — Kenneth Lerner — Ryan Lufkin — Kristin Carveth — Janet A. Klapstein — Hon. Richard L. Barron — Hon. John L. Collins — Michael E. Rose — Susan Russell — Michael J. Slauson — Shaun S. McCrea — Hon. Jamese L. Rhoades — Jonathan W. Diehl — Jeffrey Alan Howes — Kristen E. Boyd — Erin Galli — W. Douglas Marshall — Carolyn Alexander — Kristina Hellman — Daniel M. Carroll — Meg Garvin — Greg Rios — Margie Paris — Lisa J. Ludwig — Steven Griffin — Jamie K. Contreras — Anne Fujita Munsey — Joanna Jenkins — Ben Eder — Stephen Morgan — Katherine Green — Laura S. Anderson — Kendra M. Matthews — Laura Graser — Harris S. Matarazzo — Stephen A. Houze — Alex Bassos — Hon. Edward Jones — Timothy A. Sylwester — Michael L. Schmidt — Shelley Keller — Matthew J. Lysne — Ryan O’Connor — Kathleen M. Correll — Kathleen M. Cegla — Dan Bennett — Paul L. Smith — Hon. Joseph V. Ochoa — Ginger G. Mooney —Samuel A. Kubernick — Daina A. Vitolins

Appeal and Review: Beyond the Basics, 2014 edition

Jerry Lidz — R. Daniel Lindahl — George Kelly — Erin Galli — Thom Brown — Roy Pulvers — Hon. Erin C. Lagesen — Rolf Moan — Janet Schroer — Marjorie Speirs — Meagan Flynn — Bill Gary — Hon. Joel DeVore — Hon. Erika Hadlock — Hon. Jack Landau — James W. Nass — Edward Harri — Hon. Virginia Linder — James Westwood

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