Legal Publications Summer Sale

Legal Publications Summer Sale!
Don’t wait until the last minute to expand your library of legal publications. View the full catalog of publications at and use coupon code SUMMER2022 at checkout to save on select titles.
Sale runs June 1-July 31, 2022
Save 25% when you order any of these print books.

Whether you call it Alternative Dispute Resolution or Appropriate Dispute Resolution, methods of resolving your clients’ legal matters range far beyond litigation. ADR in Oregon provides the nuts and bolts of arbitration, mediation, collaborative law, and more. Whether your client’s case is subject to mandatory arbitration or you are simply looking for a more cost-effective way to resolve the dispute, ADR in Oregon will point the way. Benefiting from the wisdom of an all-new editorial review board, this completely reorganized and revised resource answers your questions concerning ADR generally and in specific practice areas.

Advising Oregon Businesses provides the tools you need to assist your business clients in choosing and organizing a business entity. This must-have resource is written and edited by Oregon’s foremost business law lawyers. Volumes 1 and 2 have been completely revised to include new topics, 2017 legislation, and one new chapter on where to incorporate.

Written and edited by Oregon’s foremost business law lawyers, Advising Oregon Businesses, volumes 3 and 4, provides extensive coverage of some of the finer, more advanced aspects of business law. Topics include acquisitions, government contracts, insurance, business valuation, bankruptcy, intellectual property, and a new chapter on licensing. This set is a valuable resource for any attorney with business clients.

Covering partnerships, limited liability companies, C and S corporation formation and operation, corporate reorganizations, business acquisitions, and intellectual property agreements, Advising Oregon Businesses, volume 5 puts a myriad of forms and agreements at your fingertips. Each form relates to material covered in the rest of the Advising Oregon Businesses series. Most forms include comments, citations to statutes and legal authorities, and alternative clauses to help you tailor them to your clients’ needs.

This five-volume set includes topics on business formation, shareholders, reorganization issues, Oregon business concerns, and much more. Order the complete set and save even more!

You’ve filed a few appeals. You’re familiar with the statutes governing appeals. Maybe you know the ORAPs inside out. But what about all those unwritten rules that are not captured in black-letter law? What do experienced appellate practitioners know that you don’t? For the first time, those secrets are compiled in Appeal and Review: Beyond the Basics. Written by appellate judges, longtime appellate lawyers, and Oregon’s Appellate Commissioner, this small volume contains those invaluable practice tips that will take your appellate advocacy to the next level.

Most of your clients have at least one automobile, or are impacted by the presence of automobiles in their lives. Whether it’s a consumer issue, an insurance coverage issue, or a tort or criminal law problem, Oregon Automobile Law Compilation has the answers you need. The second edition of this popular volume pulls together, in one convenient resource, chapters from several other Legal Publications titles, each of which deals with automobiles in some way.

Construction Law in Oregon is the top resource for Oregon lawyers involved in commercial, design-build, residential, or state and local government construction projects. This book provides the information needed to successfully negotiate construction contracts, and handle disputes, claims, liens, bonds, and federal procurements. This edition includes a new chapter on insurance coverage issues. We are also offering a companion Construction Law Codebook with relevant Oregon statutes and select federal laws to aid you in your practice.

Trying to collect a judgment or enforce a lien? Having trouble locating the debtor or the debtor’s assets? Need to know what property is subject to execution? Creditors’ Rights and Remedies can help! This book contains the latest developments in debtor-creditor law and a wealth of practice tips to make you an efficient and effective lawyer. Since the prior update, substantial changes in this area of law have come about through changes from the legislature and the courts, and through the availability and growth of information technology. The 2016 revision completely updates the prior revision and supplement, and also includes several revised chapters from Foreclosing Security Interests. It focuses on Oregon case law and statutes, and presents explanations of federal law where applicable.

A comprehensive guide to elder law in Oregon, Elder Law, 2017 Revision, is designed for the attorney whose practice includes elder law, estate planning, health law, family law, or litigation. Elder Law examines key issues affecting elderly or disabled clients. This new revision contains a wealth of information, from planning for retirement, using Social Security and Medicare, and making long-term care choices, to dealing with neglect and abuse, and planning for incapacity.

This new edition of Insurance Law in Oregon is completely reorganized and updated, with 12 chapters covering new subject matter never before included in this publication. Our expert authors explain the fundamental issues of insurance law, such as interpreting policy language and the insurer’s duty to defend, settle, and pay. In addition, they address cutting edge issues, such as cyber and privacy insurance and employment practices liability insurance. This comprehensive resource will make a perfect addition to your library.

This second edition of Rights of Foreign Nationals addresses issues affecting foreign nationals living in Oregon by combining relevant statutes, rules, and cases on matters such as domestic relations, employment, personal injuries, criminal offenses, business law, and public benefits. It includes a brand new chapter on airport issues. This valuable reference will help lawyers avoid potential pitfalls, and highlights situations in which standard advice for a citizen client might be inappropriate for a noncitizen client.

BarBooks™ Online Library to Level Up on June 8

Coming June 8 at Noon: The next level of the BarBooks™ online library.
The interface will be new, but the award-winning library you are familiar with will remain the same. A generous grant from the Professional Liability Fund made this upgrade possible.

BarBooks™ will be moving soon to a new platform. 
Active members and subscribers will have access to the same award-winning content, but with more robust search and navigation features, plus a few new bells and whistles. Users will be able to save all or part of a book as a PDF, print selected sections, add their own annotations and notes to books, and download MS Word forms for books that have forms. Early feedback from beta testers has been positive.

More updating options. OSB Legal Publications will be using the annotations feature of this new platform to provide public notes about statutory changes that affect various books. These updates will be an ongoing project, beginning with Torts (OSB Legal Pubs 2012) and Labor and Employment: Private Sector (OSB Legal Pubs 2011).

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

E-books: Affordable Legal Resources

Did you know that in addition to print books and an online library that OSB Legal Publications also offers e-books on a variety of topics? E-books are PDFs that can be downloaded to any device and are available at a nominal cost. Whether you’re a practicing Oregon attorney wanting to brush-up on a specific topic, an out-of-state lawyer needing to familiarize yourself with Oregon law, or someone representing themselves in court, we have resources to meet your needs. Continue reading

OSB Legal Publications Releases Updated Codebooks for 2022

TIME IS RUNNING OUT! To save 15% on our 2022 codebooks, preorder by April 18 and enter coupon code CODES2022 at checkout. Continue reading

Immigration Legal Services Program Manager

The Oregon State Bar is looking for someone to provide leadership and management of the development and implementation of state-funded immigration legal services in Oregon.

Visit for job details.

We will begin making decisions about interviews by March 25, 2022.

Equal Opportunity Employer

2021 Uniform Jury Instructions Updates

The Uniform Civil Jury Instructions Committee and the Uniform Criminal Jury Instructions Committee spent 2021 working on instructions in a wide array of categories—updating a number of older instructions and in some categories creating brand new instructions. Continue reading

COVID-19 and Executive Authority under the Oregon Constitution

The 2022 edition of Oregon Constitutional Law features the most recent case law and analysis on current constitutional issues, such as the Governor’s authority to act during the COVID-19 epidemic. Following are two excerpts on this topic: Continue reading

New! Oregon Constitutional Law, 2022 Edition

For a limited time, Oregon Constitutional Law is available for pre-order at a discount. Use coupon code CONLAW2022 at check-out to save 10% through February 28, 2022. You won’t want to miss this fully updated second edition. It includes a new chapter on constitutional odds and ends, as well as a copy of the original 1857 constitution and the current Oregon Constitution with updates through 2021. Continue reading

OSB Seeks Assistant Disciplinary Counsel – Litigation

Assistant Disciplinary Counsel – Litigation

The Oregon State Bar is looking for someone to provide counsel to the Bar in the evaluation, investigation, and litigation through trial of ethics complaints made against Oregon lawyers.

Visit for job details.

The Oregon State Bar is an Equal Opportunity Employer.