Oregon Administrative Law, 2016 Supplement

There have been important changes in administrative law. Do you know what they are? Buy the 2016 supplement to Oregon Administrative Law and find out. Oregon Administrative Law thoroughly updates the 2010 text with an explanation of the essential components of Oregon’s Administrative Procedures Act, including its comprehensive definitions, rulemaking procedures, contested case procedures, procedures for judicial review of rules, contested case orders, declaratory rulings, and much more.

Highlights include:

  1. Agency Authority and Functions — 41 updated sections
  2. The Administrative Law Judge — 13 updated sections
  3. Administrative Rules — 19 updated sections
  4. Contested Cases: Preparation and Strategy — 66 updated and 4 new sections
  5. Orders in Other than Contested Cases — 16 updated sections
  6. Extraordinary Remedies in Administrative Cases — 63 updated sections
  7. Public Records — 29 updated sections
  8. Public Meetings and Public Hearings — 29 updated sections
  9. Attorney General Opinions and Rules — 8 updated and 3 new sections
  10. Civil Penalties and Cease-and-Desist Orders — 5 updated sections
  11. Criminal Enforcement of Administrative Rules, Permits, and Absence of Permits — 14 updated sections
  12. Alternative Dispute Resolution — 3 updated sections
  13. Health Professional Licensing and Enforcement — 15 updated sections
  14. Judicial Review of Administrative Decisions — 32 updated sections
  15. Governmental Oversight and Relations — 11 updated sections
  16. Legal Ethics in the Administrative Law Setting — 16 updated sections

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