Advising Oregon Businesses, Volumes 3 & 4, 2018 Edition

Written and edited by Oregon’s foremost business law lawyers, Advising Oregon Businesses, volumes 3 and 4, provides extensive coverage of some of the finer, more advanced aspects of business law. Topics include acquisitions, government contracts, insurance, business valuation, bankruptcy, intellectual property, and a new chapter on licensing. This set is a valuable resource for any attorney with business clients.


45           Executive Compensation Matters
46           Qualified Retirement Plans
47           Estate Planning for Owners of Closely Held Businesses
48           Business Risk and Insurance Coverage
49           Company Policies
50           Doing Business with the Government
51           Doing Business with Indian Tribes
52           Evaluating and Structuring Acquisitions; Decision Factors; Nontax Considerations
53           Structuring the Transaction: Tax Considerations
54           Valuing the Business
55           Financing the Purchase
56           Legal Opinions in Business Transactions—Customary Practice
57           Bankruptcy

58           Overview of the Antitrust Laws
59           Business Names
60           Domain Names
61           Trademarks
62           Copyrights
63           Patent Law Essentials
64           Technology Licensing: Strategic Issues Every Licensor and Licensee Should Know
65           Confidentiality Agreements
66           The Departing Employee—Competitive Restrictions
67           Government Regulation of Franchises
68           Business Aspects of Franchising

Table of Statutes and Rules
Table of Cases
Subject Index

A special thank you to the following editors and authors for their time and contributions to this new edition:

Jere Webb; Andrew Ognall; John R. Thomas; Ernie Bootsma; Mark von Bergen; David C. Culpepper; Joseph L. Reinhart; Emily V. Karr; Steven G. Bell; Seth H. Row; Alexandra Shulman; Zachary S. Davis; Sean C. Gay; Townsend Hyatt; Robert James Miller; Steven White; Steven Hull; Christopher K. Heuer; Adam D. Schurle; Blake Runckel; Andrew J. Morrow, Jr.; Niccolo F. Barber; Chris Gregores; Douglas R. Pahl; Jeremy D. Sacks; Keith E. McIntire; Madison Kaplan; Joshua G. Gigger; David P. Cooper; Parna A. Mehrbani; Richard J. Polley; Frank X. Curci; David L. Silverman; Randolph C. Foster; Todd A. Hanchett; Douglas D. Smith; Ryan D. Smith; and Bradley D. Smith.

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