NEW! ADR in Oregon, 2019 Edition

  • 2 volumes; loose-leaf
  • 1,300 pages ∼
  • Publication Date: November 2019
  • Editorial Review Board: Sam Imperati, Richard Vangelisti, Erica Glaser, Lisa Amato, Scott Bellows, and Jill Goldsmith

Whether you call it Alternative Dispute Resolution or Appropriate Dispute Resolution, methods of resolving your clients’ legal matters range far beyond litigation. ADR in Oregon provides the nuts and bolts of arbitration, mediation, collaborative law, and more. Whether your client’s case is subject to mandatory arbitration or you are simply looking for a more cost-effective way to resolve the dispute, ADR in Oregon will point the way. Benefiting from the wisdom of an all-new editorial review board, this completely reorganized and revised resource answers your questions concerning ADR generally and in specific practice areas.


  1. Introduction
  2. Selecting an ADR Process and Provider
  3. Mediation Overview and Mechanics
  4. Mediation Confidentiality
  5. Mediator Techniques
  6. Advocacy and Ethics
  7. Mediator Approaches and Ethics
  8. Overview of Court-Annexed Arbitration
  9. Overview of Contractual Binding Arbitration
  10. Legal Bases and Procedures for Compelling or Resisting ADR
  11. Evidence in Arbitration
  12. Attorney Advocacy and Ethics in Arbitration
  13. Arbitrator Ethics
  14. Post-Award Procedures
  15. Mediation in State Administrative Proceedings
  16. PIP/UM/UIM Coverage
  17. Restorative Justice in the Criminal Justice System
  18. ADR in Family Law
  19. Real Estate Disputes
  20. ADR in Construction Disputes
  21. Securities
  22. Developments in Federal Courts and Agencies
  23. Appellate Settlement Conference Program
  24. Workplace and Organizational Mediation
  25. Landlord-Tenant and Small Claims
  26. Bankruptcy and Creditors’ Rights
  27. Collaborative Law
  28. Employment Law
  29. Arbitration and Mediation in Labor Relations
  30. Workers’ Compensation
  31. ADR in Environmental and Natural Resource Disputes
  32. Land Use
  33. Probate and Estates
  34. Native American Related Matters [Reserved for Expansion]
  35. Consumer Law
  36. Community Dispute Resolution
  37. ADR for Intellectual Property Disputes
  38. Juvenile Court and Dependency Proceedings
  39. Medical Malpractice and Healthcare Incidents
  40. Online Dispute Resolution
  41. Transnational Implications

Table of Forms
Table of Statutes and Rules
Table of Cases

A special thank you to the following editors and authors for their time and contributions to this new edition:

Sam Imperati, Richard Vangelisti, Erica Glaser, Lisa Amato, Scott Bellows, Jill Goldsmith, Dennis Westlind, Laura Caldera Taylor, Lisanne Butterfield, Sally LaJoie, Emil J. Ali, Daniel Keppler, Thomas W. Brown, Rudy Lachenmeier, Lauren MacNeill, Halah Ilias, Sonia Montalbano, Marcia Buckley, Devin Howington, John L. Barlow, Sarah Harlos, Britta E. Warren, Lisa C. Brown, James Edmonds, Matthew Colley, Michael Fuller, Dominic Carollo, Kelly Donovan Jones, Nikki A.W. Abercrombie, Jon W. Monson, Chris Pikarski, Jesus Miguel Palomares, James J. Damis, Larry D. Schucht, Tom D’Amore, Tara Millan, Carley Adams, Matthew Hartman, Cara Walsh, Lisa Fitzgerald, Hon. Diana I. Stuart, Lorena Reynolds, Jim Zupancic, Susan T. Alterman, Jeremy T. Vermilyea, D. Gary Christensen, Robert S. Banks, Gary Grenley, Keil Mueller, Douglas R. Ricks, Judy D. Henry, Tsipora Dimant, Hon. Kathleen J. Proctor, Brent Summers, Johnston Mitchell, Jo Posey, Jill Brittle, Myah Kehoe, Nicole Deering, Robert Meyer, Heather Bowman, Paul M. Ostroff, Jeffrey P. Chicoine, Bruce D. Smith, Joan P. Snyder, Wendie L. Kellington, Michele Buck-Romero, Katharine West, Michael Fuller, Kelly Donovan Jones, Tera Cleland, John Mansfield, Mark Kramer, Meg Goldberg, Richard Lane, James C. Melamed, and Roger Ullmann.

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