OSB Legal Publications Releases Updated Codebooks for 2022

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Oregon Cannabis and Psilocybin Codebook, 2022 Edition

This two-volume set offers the most recent Oregon Revised Statutes and Oregon Administrative Rules governing these areas of law. The set has been expanded and retitled this year to cover the new laws governing the use and sale of psilocybin products.

Some of the features of this updated set include the following:

The chapter governing recreational use of cannabis was reorganized and renumbered from Chapter 475B to new Chapter 475C.

A new Chapter 475A was passed to regulate the use and sale of psilocybin.
Both Chapter 475A and 475C are included in their entirety.

Numerous new statutes were passed under Chapter 571 (nursery stock; licensed agricultural crops) addressing the production and regulation of hemp. Included is an entire new section establishing the Oregon Hemp Commission. The stated purpose of the new statutes in this section (ORS 571.400 to 571.501) are to enable the hemp industry, with help from the state, to expand the markets available for Oregon hemp sales.

Other statutory topics covered in this book include crimes committed while under the influence of intoxicants including cannabis and psilocybin, juveniles and cannabis use, landlord–tenant issues, and motor vehicle use while under the influence of cannabis or psilocybin.

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Oregon Insurance Codebook, 2022 Edition

Some of the new 2021 legislation featured in this updated, two-volume codebook include the following:

ORS 731.492 – requiring notification to a claimant upon an insurer’s payment to settle third-party liability claims and the requirements for that notification.

ORS 731.520 – listing the conditions that insurers assuming ceded reinsurance must meet for allowance of credit.

ORS 743B.109 – providing rules for notifications that must be included in an insurer’s short-term health insurance policy documents, application materials, or advertisements.

ORS 743B.260 – governing claims and appeals of adverse benefit determinations under disability income insurance policies.

A new section was added under Chapter 742 (Insurance Policies Generally: Property and Casualty Policies) titled Homeowner Insurance Policies that features three new statutes:

ORS 742.270 – addressing repairing, rebuilding, or replacing property under homeowner insurance policies; requirements for the insurer; and prohibited policy provisions.

ORS 742.273 – governing property losses in locations subject to declarations of emergency; required provisions in homeowner policies; and limits on payments.

ORS 742.276 – requiring that every other year insurers provide their insureds with an opportunity to get new estimates of costs required to replace or rebuild the covered property if the insured provides the information necessary for the estimate.

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Oregon Construction Law Codebook, 2022 Edition

This codebook was compiled as a companion to Construction Law in Oregon (2019), but also serves as a valuable stand-alone resource for attorneys practicing in the area of construction law.


This 2022 edition includes all 2020 and 2021 legislation amending statutes in this field and new statutes passed by the legislature, including the following:

In Chapter 279A (public facilities, contracting, and insurance) two new statutes were added:

ORS 279A.800 – allowing a contracting agency, as part of its evaluation of a bid or proposal, to consider whether the bidder or proposer owes a liquidated and delinquent debt to the state.

ORS 279A.803 – establishing requirements for qualified projects funded with moneys from the 2021 American Rescue Plan Act.

Numerous changes were made in Chapter 455, Oregon’s Building Code. The chapter now falls under the newly created Title 36A – Housing; Lottery and Games; Environment. Some of the new statutes in this chapter include the following:

ORS 455.175 – setting restrictions on city or county refusal of building permits in residential subdivisions.

A new subsection was created titled Contract Building Officials, which features four new statutes regulating contract building officials.

ORS 455.417 – governs provision of electric service capacity for charging electric vehicles in newly constructed buildings.

The section previously titled Low-Rise Residential Dwelling Code has been expanded to include Small Homes.

ORS 455.610 – previously dealing only with the low-rise residential dwelling code, this statute is now expanded to provide for a small home specialty code, alternate methods of construction, alternate approval for conversion, and rules governing appeals.

Additionally, the following new statutes were added under this section:
ORS 455.162 – requiring the DCBS to establish building code standards for new buildings in extreme and high wildfire risk classes.

ORS 455.614 – requiring the DCBS to establish a mapping tool for wildfire hazard mitigation.

ORS 455.616 – requiring the DCBS to adopt construction standards for small homes.

In Chapter 701 (Construction Contractors and Contracts), ORS 701.110 was added to provide for license suspension for unpaid determined wage claims, and ORS 701.269 was passed to authorize the CCB to establish a voluntary certification program for a residential general master builder of vertical homeownership structures.

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2022 Juvenile Code Supplement

This particular codebook is a loose-leaf supplement to Juvenile Law: Delinquency (2019).

Among other changes, the 2021 Legislature replaced the term youth offenders with adjudicated youth thought the Juvenile Code.

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Also available is the 2021 Oregon Probate and Uniform Trust Codebook.

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