Oregon Real Estate Deskbook – Online Offerings

Oregon Real Estate Deskbook series is the winner of the 2016 ACLEA Award of Outstanding Achievement. It is a complete reorganization of the five previous real estate series books, combining chapters that covered the same topics from different angles. In addition, it includes updated chapters from Foreclosing Security Interests and 10 brand new chapters.

The five-volume book is available as a complete set or as individual volumes. AND NOW IT IS ALSO AVAILABLE AS INDIVIDUAL CHAPTER EBOOKS!

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Volume 1: Estates, Title, Easements, CC&Rs, Acquisition, and Dispositions

Volume 2: Financing Transactions

Volume 3: Leasing, Condominiums, Planned Communities, and Timeshares

Volume 4: Nonpossessory Rights, Unique Property Types, and Legal Considerations

Volume 5: Taxes, Assessments, and Real Estate Disputes

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