Oregon Real Estate Deskbook – Available Now!

The Oregon Real Estate Deskbook is a complete reorganization of the five current real estate series books, combining chapters that covered the same topics from different angles.  In addition, it includes updated chapters from Foreclosing Security Interests and eleven brand new chapters.

This new five-volume book can be purchased as a complete set or as individual volumes.  The comprehensive tables and index, included with the complete set, can be purchased separately with the purchase of any one individual volume.

Order your copy today by visiting our online bookstore or by calling our CLE Service Desk at (503)431-6413, or toll-free in Oregon, 1-800-452-8260, x 413.

Volume 1:  Includes 18 chapters covering Preliminary Considerations; Estates, Title, and Survey; Easements and Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions; and Acquisitions and Dispositions.  Also included are chapters on Deeds and Conveyances; Escrows and Closing; and Earnest Money Agreements.

Volume 2: Includes 12 chapters on Financing Transactions, including three brand new chapters.  Also included are chapters on Commercial Real Estate Finance; Mortgage Foreclosure; Contract of Sale; and Real Estate Appraisal.

Volume 3: Includes nine chapters covering Residential, Commercial, and Ground Leasing as well as Condominiums, Planned Communities, and Timeshares.  Also includes chapters on Leasing Assignments and Subleases; Commercial Lease Disputes and Remedies; and Governances of Community Associations.

Volume 4: Includes 13 chapters covering Non-Possessory Rights, Unique Property Types, and Other Legal Considerations.  Six chapters are brand new including Mineral Rights, Forestland, Timber, and Forest Products; Receivership; and Property and Liability Insurance.

Volume 5: Includes 12 chapters on Taxes and Assessments, and Real Estate Disputes along with 2 brand new chapters.  Other content includes Like-Kind Exchanges; Tax Credits and Abatements; Vacation and Abandonment; and Judgments, Execution, and Exemptions.

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