Introducing Our Newest Team Member

The OSB Legal Publications team is made up of four Attorney Editors, one Administrative Assistant, one Production Coordinator, and the Director. In August, one of our Attorney Editors left the Bar for a new adventure. Last week, our newest Attorney Editor started on his adventure here.

Yasha Renner earned his BS in Graphic Design from PSU and worked for a number of years at Rogue Ales Brewery as a graphic designer. He left Rogue and Oregon to attend Liberty University School of Law in Lynchburg, VA. He was on law review while at Liberty, a position he enjoyed immensely. In 2013, he graduated 4th in his class and was admitted to OSB.

Upon returning to Oregon after law school, Yasha was rehired by Rogue Ales Brewery as a database administrator and Chief IT Officer. While working at Rogue Ales, Yasha opened his own general practice with a focus on personal injury and estate planning.

Then he saw the posting for a Legal Publications Attorney Editor and decided it would be a good fit for his skill set, personality, and career goals. During the interview process, we decided we agreed. When we asked him if he could have one superpower, what would it be, he replied, “The power to read super fast.” That would definitely come in handy in this job.

We are very excited to have Yasha join the team! If you are a volunteer author, you may have the pleasure of having Yasha edit your submissions with his thorough yet reserved style.