Fee Agreement Compendium, 2018 Edition

Most lawyer-client disputes involve fees. A clear, written agreement between lawyer and client can help prevent misunderstandings, fee disputes, and malpractice claims. The fifth edition of Fee Agreement Compendium is an essential practice tool that covers important information Oregon lawyers need regarding ethics issues, billing costs, credit issues, retainer letters, and IOLTA. Here are just a few reasons why you need this new edition:

  • There are now 42 forms, conveniently provided in a downloadable zip file, including general fee agreements, checklists, sample clauses, and specific fee agreements for nine discrete practice areas.
  • Each set of forms is preceded by clearly organized notes and comments regarding usage.
  • Agreements and letters are written in plain language so that a client can understand the document.
  • Essential bankruptcy disclosure statements are included in the bankruptcy chapter, along with the fee agreements.
  • Four engagement letters, six nonengagements, and three disengagement letters are included.
  • All ethics rules and ethics opinions citations have been updated.


  1. Ethics Issues Arising in Fee Agreements
  2. Billing Costs
  3. Truth in Lending Act and Attorney Fee Agreements
  4. OSB Fee Dispute Resolution Program
  5. Drafting Tips for Fee Agreement
  6. Retained or Not Retained—You May Need to Prove It
  7. IOLTA in Relation to Fee Agreements
  8. Contingent Fee Agreement
  9. Hourly Fee Agreement
  10. Limited Representation Fee Agreement
  11. Fixed-Fee Agreement
  12. Agreement between Lawyers to Divide Fees
  13. Domestic-Relations Fee Agreement
  14. Independent-Adoption Fee Agreement
  15. Probate Fee Agreement
  16. Criminal Law Fee Agreement
  17. Entity-Formation Fee Agreement
  18. Workers’ Compensation Fee Agreement
  19. Social Security Fee Agreement
  20. Third-Party Personal-Injury Fee Agreement
  21. Attorney Fees in Bankruptcy

A special thank you to the following editors and authors for their time and contributions to this new edition:

Dayna E. Underhill; Dawn M. Evans, David Elkanich; Amber A. Hollister; Allison Martin Rhodes; Calon N. Russell; Richard Slottee; Richard G. Spier; Sheila M. Blackford; Mark R. Wada; Daniel F. Kellington; Karen O’Kasey; Holly Pettit; Peter R. Jarvis; Mark J. Fucile; Michael A. Greene; Collin McKean; Tabitha L. Koh; Steven G. Bell; Whitney Boise; Josh Ewing; Derek D. Simmons; David W. Hittle; Hon. Peter C. McKittrick.

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