Administering Oregon Estates, 2018 Legislative Supplement

If you assist clients in estate planning matters, chances are you’ll also administer many of their estates. From initiating a probate proceeding to managing and distributing estate assets, Administering Oregon Estates will help you guide the personal representative through the process.

This supplement highlights changes to Oregon law resulting from legislative amendments made in 2013 through 2018, including the following:

  • New procedures allowing the proponent of a writing that does not comply with the formalities of a validly executed will to establish that the decedent intended the writing to constitute the decedent’s will, a partial or complete revocation of the will, or an addition to or an alteration of the will.
  • Updated bonding requirements in probate proceedings.
  • Amendments to statutes regarding notice in probate proceedings and will contests.
  • New provisions regarding attorney fees, advance directives, and the personal representative’s compensation
  • Provisions relating to when a child “conceived from the genetic material of a decedent who died before the transfer of the decedent’s genetic material into a person’s body” is entitled to an interest in the decedent’s estate.


  1. Alternatives to Probate
  2. Probate Jurisdiction and Procedures
  3. Preadministration Procedures
  4. Intestate Succession, Wills, and Community Property
  5. Initiating Probate and Small-Estate Proceedings
  6. Special Considerations
  7. Initial Responsibilities and Liabilities of Personal Representative
  8. Rights of Interested Persons
  9. Claims Against the Estate
  10. Managing Estate Assets
  11. Accounting, Distribution, and Closing
  12. Federal Estate Tax
  13. Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax
  14. Oregon Estate Tax
  15. Litigation

A special thank you to the following editors and authors for their time and contributions to this new edition:

Jonathan S. Levy; Philip N. Jones; Kate Kilberg; Kimberly Pray; Jennifer Woodhouse; Holly Mitchell; Eric Wieland; Lisa N. Bertalan; Janice Hatton; Nicholas Frost; Timothy J. Wachter; Katharine West; Sam Friedenberg; Amy Bilyeu; Steven A. Nicholes; Vanessa A. Usui; Richard W. Miller; and Sibylle Baer.

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