New! Oregon Automobile Law Compilation, 2019 Edition

  • 1 volume; loose-leaf
  • 1000 pages ~
  • Publication Date: December 2019

Most of your clients have at least one automobile, or are impacted by the presence of automobiles in their lives. Whether it’s a consumer issue, an insurance coverage issue, or a tort or criminal law problem, Oregon Automobile Law Compilation has the answers you need. The second edition of this popular volume pulls together, in one convenient resource, chapters from several other Legal Publications titles, each of which deals with automobiles in some way.

Highlights Include:

Issues with Buying and Owning an Automobile
o Retail Installment Contracts
o Consumer Leasing Act
o Warranties (Lemon Laws)
o Unlawful Trade Practices
o Vehicles and Business Entities

Automobile Insurance Issues
o Automobile Insurance – Liability, Comprehensive, and Collision
o Commercial Auto & Garage Policies
o UM/UIM and PIP Insurance
o Steps Following Loss + Powers and Duties of Adjusters

Torts, Accidents, and Damages Involving Automobiles
o Vehicle Collisions
o Dram Shop Act [reserved for expansion] o Compensatory Damages
o Punitive Damages
o Pain and Suffering
o Mental Distress
o Loss of Earnings and Earning Capacity
o Medical Expenses
o Impaired Living Capacity
o Contributory Negligence and Comparative Fault
o Loss of Services
o Wrongful Death
o Physical Injury to or Loss of Chattels
o Dispossession of Personal Property
o Mitigation of Damages
o Collateral Benefits and the Collateral-Source Rule
o Additur and Remittitur
o Attorney Fees

Criminal Laws Involving Automobiles
o Investigatory Stops and Frisks
o Search and Seizure—without Warrants
o Search and Seizure—with Warrants
o Seizure of Property
o Diversion, Civil Compromise, and Other Alternatives [reserved for expansion] o Traffic Offenses
o Former Jeopardy
o Sentencing
o Setting Aside Conviction or Record of Arrest

Dispossession of Automobiles
o Creditors’ Claims – Statutory & Possessory Liens
o Exemptions
o Self-help Remedies under the Uniform Commercial Code
o Judicial Foreclosure of Security Interests in Personal Property
o Automobile Issues Arising after Owner’s Death [reserved for expansion]

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