Oregon Uniform Jury Instructions, 2019 Supplements

With Oregon Uniform Jury Instructions you will always be prepared for trial with up-to-date and customizable jury instructions, save time by using instructions already drafted by the experts, and represent your clients with confidence using the comments to the instructions.

Oregon Uniform Civil Jury Instructions

  • 1 New instruction
  • 10 Revised instructions

In 2019, The Uniform Civil Jury Instructions Committee updated 10 instructions and issued one new instruction. The committee completed its multi-year review of the disability-discrimination instructions, completely reorganizing them and issuing a new instruction. The committee also updated instructions in the areas of fiduciary duty and condemnation.

Oregon Uniform Criminal Instructions

  • 2 New instruction
  • 19 Revised instructions
  • 11 Instructions were reviewed for accuracy

In 2019, the Uniform Criminal Jury Instructions Committee significantly revised a number of instructions, including those dealing with attempt, physical injury, failure to appear, sex abuse, and harassment. It also wrote two new instructions on vouching and modified evidence. Other instructions have been updated with recent case law.

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