New! Oregon Rules of Professional Conduct Annotated, 2021 Edition

2 volumes; loose-leaf
1,000 pages
Publication date: August 15, 2021

This new edition is a companion to the Oregon Formal Ethics Opinions, and includes the following:

  • Annotation summaries of all Disciplinary Board Reporter cases, Oregon Supreme Court disciplinary cases, and Oregon Formal Ethics Opinions issued through 2020
  • Full text of the Oregon Rules of Professional Conduct
  • Annotation summaries of all cases citing relevant Disciplinary Rules
  • Sanctions imposed in each case clearly highlighted for quick reference
  • Cross-references to discussions of the Oregon RPCs in the Ethical Oregon Lawyer, 2015 Revision
  • Tables, subject index, and conversion table from DRs to Oregon RPCs

This publication will be updated annually with new annotations of Disciplinary Board Reporter and Oregon Supreme Court disciplinary cases as well as annotations of new and revised formal ethics opinions.

Order your copy today by vising our online bookstore. You may also contact our CLE Service Center at (503)431-6413 or toll-free in Oregon, 1-800-452-8260, x 413.

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