NEW! Oregon Uniform Jury Instructions, 2020 Supplements

With Oregon Uniform Jury Instructions you will always be prepared for trial with up-to-date and customizable jury instructions, save time by using instructions already drafted by the experts, and represent your clients with confidence using the comments to the instructions.

Oregon Uniform Civil Jury Instructions

  • 11 Revised instructions
  • 2 Withdrawn

The Uniform Civil Jury Instructions Committee updated 12 instructions and withdrew one instruction. The committee completed its review of all instructions last updated in 2005, including instructions related to liquor liability and condemnation. The committee also updated instructions in the areas of burden of proof and unlawful trade practices. Additionally, the committee worked together with the Criminal Jury Instruction Committee and incorporated unconscious-bias language into three introductory civil jury instructions, which mirrors language incorporated into the introductory criminal jury instructions.

Oregon Uniform Criminal Jury Instructions

  • 26 New instructions
  • 42 Revised instructions
  • 11 Withdrawn

In 2020, the Uniform Criminal Jury Instructions Committee added unconscious-bias language to general instructions to encourages jurors to be aware of their unconscious biases so they don’t influence decision making; rewrote verdict instructions to require unanimous guilty verdicts (per Ramos v. Louisiana); conformed hit-and-run instructions to the new statutory scheme; and revised the controlled substances chapter, including writing over 20 new marijuana instructions.

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