New! Oregon Probate and Uniform Trust Codebook

This small paperback codebook puts the essential probate and uniform trust code statutes at your fingertips. Serves as a companion to Administering Trusts in Oregon, but is also a useful stand-alone resource. Includes significant 2021 legislation before the official release of the published 2021 Oregon Revised Statutes. This publication is not available on BarBooks™.


  • ORS Chapter 111 — General Provisions
  • ORS Chapter 112 — Interstate Succession and Wills
  • ORS Chapter 113 — Initiation of Estate Proceedings
  • ORS Chapter 114 — Administration of Estates Generally
  • ORS Chapter 115 — Claims; Actions and Suits
  • ORS Chapter 116 — Accounting, Distribution and Closing
  • ORS Chapter 117 — Estates of Absentees
  • ORS Chapter 118 — Estate Tax
  • ORS Chapter 128 — Trusts; Charitable Activities
  • ORS Chapter 129 — Uniform Principal and Income Act
  • ORS Chapter 130 — Uniform Trust Code

Order your copy today by visiting our online bookstore. You may also contact our CLE Service Center at (503) 431-6413 or 1-800-452-8260, ext. 413.

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