New! Oregon Constitutional Law, 2022 Edition

For a limited time, Oregon Constitutional Law is available for pre-order at a discount. Use coupon code CONLAW2022 at check-out to save 10% through February 28, 2022. You won’t want to miss this fully updated second edition. It includes a new chapter on constitutional odds and ends, as well as a copy of the original 1857 constitution and the current Oregon Constitution with updates through 2021.

The Editorial Review Board is made up of a stellar group of experts on the Oregon Constitution: Hon. Jack L. Landau; Chin See Ming; C. Robert Steringer; Hon. Alycia N. Sykora; Hon. Erika Hadlock; Hon. Erin Lagesen; and Erin Severe.

Oregon was a pioneer of the movement to interpret state constitutions independently of the U.S. Constitution. Not only does the Oregon Constitution address many of the rights protected by the federal Constitution, but it also defines many of the powers that the federal Constitution reserved for the states. Oregon attorneys must be familiar with the Oregon Constitution and the appellate courts’ interpretations of it. This second edition of Oregon Constitutional Law is designed for exactly that purpose. It covers many of the rights protected by Article I, Oregon’s Bill of Rights, as well as the initiative and referendum processes, financing of state government, taxation, and home rule. More importantly, it includes practical advice about how to litigate state constitutional issues. This book is an essential resource for every Oregon practitioner.

Click here to pre-order now (before February 28, 2022) or to purchase your copy.


1 Constitutionalism
2 The Religion Clauses
3 Article I, Section 8, Free Speech Writ Large
4 Equal Privileges and Immunities
5 Remedies Clause and Speedy Trial
6 Right to Jury Trial
7 Right to Bear Arms
8 Contract Clause
9 Initiative and Referendum
10 Home Rule
11 Justiciability
12 Separation of Powers and the Oregon Constitution
13 Public Finance
14 Limitation on Taxes
15 The Takings Clause
16 Litigating State Constitutional Law Issues
17 Open Courts and Public Trial
18 Right to Assemble, Instruct, and Petition
19    Constitutional Odds and Ends

Current Oregon Constitution
Original 1857 Oregon Constitution

Table of Statutes and Rules
Table of Cases
Subject Index


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