BarBooks™ Online Library to Level Up on June 8

Coming June 8 at Noon: The next level of the BarBooks™ online library.
The interface will be new, but the award-winning library you are familiar with will remain the same. A generous grant from the Professional Liability Fund made this upgrade possible.

BarBooks™ will be moving soon to a new platform. 
Active members and subscribers will have access to the same award-winning content, but with more robust search and navigation features, plus a few new bells and whistles. Users will be able to save all or part of a book as a PDF, print selected sections, add their own annotations and notes to books, and download MS Word forms for books that have forms. Early feedback from beta testers has been positive.

More updating options. OSB Legal Publications will be using the annotations feature of this new platform to provide public notes about statutory changes that affect various books. These updates will be an ongoing project, beginning with Torts (OSB Legal Pubs 2012) and Labor and Employment: Private Sector (OSB Legal Pubs 2011).

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

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