Keep Your Ethics Materials Up-to-Date

The old adage that “it’s easier to ask forgiveness than to seek permission” doesn’t apply when it comes to lawyer ethics. Make your life easier by having these essential resources at your fingertips so you can always discern what is permissible before you act.

Oregon Rules of Professional Conduct Annotated

The 2022 supplement to the Oregon Rules of Professional Conduct Annotated is now available for preorder on the OSB online store. It includes the following:

  • Annotations of all 2021 Disciplinary Board Reporter cases under relevant Oregon RPCs;
  • Sanctions imposed in each case indicated in parentheses for quick reference;
  • Annotations for all new and revised Oregon Formal Ethics Opinions issued in 2021 and 2022;
  • An updated table of cases that includes rule violations and imposed sanctions;
  • Reference to all Oregon Formal Ethics Opinions added to the table of cases; and
  • The full text of all Oregon RPCs that have been revised since release of the 2021 Edition.

Oregon Formal Ethics Opinions

The 2022 supplement to the Oregon Formal Ethics Opinions is also available for preorder. It includes the following:

  • Five new Opinions issued by the Legal Ethics Committee in 2019, 2021, and 2022;
  • Seven 2005 Opinions revised in 2021;
  • Two 2005 Opinions withdrawn in 2021;
  • Updated tables, revised and updated subject index, and updated opinions citator; and
  • The most recent version of the Oregon Rules of Professional Conduct dated March 1, 2022.

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