NEW! Criminal Law in Oregon 2022 eBook and Individual Chapters

The ninth edition of Criminal Law in Oregon incorporates new material on sentencing and a variety of other topics in light of major court decisions and new legislation. This deskbook is essential for Oregon lawyers who practice criminal law. Topics covered in this comprehensive resource range from search and seizure to postconviction proceedings, plus a chapter on victims’ rights. Drawing on the wisdom of the experts in criminal law in Oregon, this book will save you time and resources. In addition to serving as the chief reference guide on criminal law for Oregon judges, defense lawyers, and prosecutors, Criminal Law in Oregon is also an invaluable resource for civil practitioners who handle the occasional criminal law case.

The complete eBook is 3 volumes, plus 20 MS Word forms, and is now available at the online bookstore. In addition, every individual chapter is also available in PDF format, with Word forms. These chapters include:

Volume 1

1 General Provisions
2 Stop and Frisk
3 Search and Seizure—Without Warrants
4 Search and Seizure—With Warrants
5 Remedies for Unlawful Search and Seizure
6 Arrest
7 Jurisdiction and Venue
8 Accusatory Instruments, Commencement of Prosecution, Joinder
9 Extradition and Detainers
10 Arraignment, Pleas, and Release
11 Diversion, Civil Compromise, and Other Alternatives
12 Pretrial Motion Practice
13 Former Jeopardy
14 Discovery
15 Mental Illness and Incapacity

Volume 2

16 Confessions and Self-Incrimination
17 Right to Counsel
18 Plea Discussions and Agreements
19 Defenses
20 Trial Procedures
21 Postverdict Motions
22 Felony Sentencing and the Sentencing Guidelines
23 Misdemeanor Sentencing
24 Monetary Obligations
25 Probation
26 Parole and Postprison Supervision
27 The Death Penalty

Volume 3

28 Appeals
29 State Habeas Corpus
30 Postconviction Proceedings
31 Federal Habeas Corpus
32 Criminal Forfeiture
33 Setting Aside Conviction or Record of Arrest
34 Crime Victims’ Rights

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