Insurance Law in Oregon, 2020 Edition

• 2 volumes; loose-leaf
• 1,500 pages ~
• Publication Date: May 2020
• Editorial Review Board: William Earle, Chris Carson, Emily Miller, Ronald Clark, and Seth Row

This new edition of Insurance Law in Oregon is completely reorganized and updated, with 12 chapters covering new subject matter never before included in this publication. Our expert authors explain the fundamental issues of insurance law, such as interpreting policy language and the insurer’s duty to defend, settle, and pay. In addition, they address cutting edge issues, such as cyber and privacy insurance and employment practices liability insurance. This comprehensive resource will make a perfect addition to your library.


1 Elements of an Insurance Policy

2 Reading, Understanding, and Interpreting Insurance Policies
3 Reformation of Policies
4 Termination
5 Surplus-lines Insurance
6 Agents and Brokers
7 Powers and Duties of Adjusters
8 Discovery and Evidence of Insurance in Noninsurance Litigation
9 Insurable Interest
10 Property Insurance: Statutory Fire Insurance Policy
11 Exclusions and Causation
12 Conditions
13 Business Interruption and Extra Expense
14 Intentional Conduct
15 Payment of Loss after a Fire
16 Duty to Defend, Settle, and Indemnify
17 Conflicts of Interest
18 CGL—Bodily Injury and Property Damage
19 CGL—Personal and Advertising Injury
20 Liability, Comprehensive, and Collision
21 UM and UIM Coverage
22 PIP Coverage
23 Commercial Auto and Garage Liability
24 Aviation Insurance
25 Construction
26 Cyber Insurance
27 Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance
28 Employment Practices Liability Insurance
29 Environmental Liability Insurance
30 Farmers, Ranch, and Agricultural
31 Homeowners
32 Inland Marine and Cargo
33 Life, Health, Disability, and Accident
34 Introduction to Wet Marine Insurance
35 Professional-Liability Insurance
36 Steps to Take Following Property Loss
37 Steps to Take on Liability Claims—Representing the Insured
38 Steps to Take on Liability Coverage Claims—Representing the Insurer
39 Proving Existence and Terms of Coverage
40 First-Party Claims and Pleadings
41 [RESERVED FOR EXPANSION] 42 Extracontractual Claims and Bad Faith
43 Environmental Claims
44 “Other Insurance” and Allocation
45 Attorney Fees
46 Mediation and Settlement

A special thank you to the following editors and authors for their time and contribution to this new edition:

William Earle, Chris Carson, Emily Miller, Ronald Clark, Seth Row, Jacki Mitchson, Ivan Resendiz Gutierrez, Michael B. Merchant, Matthew D. Colley, Martin W. Jaqua, Thomas A. Ped, Taryn M. Basauri, Melia Marie Shears, Eric E. Meyer, Bernard S. Moore, Robert S. May, Douglas M. Bragg, Kevin S. Mapes, Lloyd Bernstein, Dwain Clifford, Dan Thenell, Margaret E. Schroeder, Michael Farnell, Shanelle A. Honda, Gabriel Le Chevallier, Paul Mockford, Kevin Sasse, Jack Levy, Vicki M. Smith, Rick A. Lee, Kyle Sturm, Heather Beasley, John R. Bachofner, Katie D. Buxman, Cliff J. Wilson, Hilary A. Boyd, Jonathan M. Hoffman, Andrew Guess, James Walker, Erica Clausen, Katelyn Fulton, Frank Langfitt, David J. Riewald, Margaret Van Valkenburg, Chester D. Hill, Brian Talcott, Darren Beatty, Megan Glor, Hans Huggler, Michael J. Knapp, Jeremy Bordelon, Scott Sell, Jay W. Beattie, Chris M. Parker, Francis J. (FJ) Maloney, III, Scott A. MacLaren, Christine A. Webb, Rick Pope, Everett W. Jack, Drew Passmore, Steve Rizzo, Shaun Morgan, Ryan M. DesJardins, Krisopher L. Kolta, W. Blake Mikkelsen, Clint Tapper, Lou Ferreira, Guy Thompson, Richard Williams, Robert Bonaparte, Dean Heiling, Hon. Karsten Rasmussen, and Audrey L. Stone

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  • Christina Sandman says:

    Would like to pre-order Insurance Law in Oregon, 2020 Edition and Oregon Insurance Law Codebook, 2020 Edition, ideally an electronic version if available. I am unable to access the pre-order site.

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