New! Rights of Foreign Nationals, 2020 Edition: What to Know When Your Client Is Not a U.S. Citizen

This second edition of Rights of Foreign Nationals addresses issues affecting foreign nationals living in Oregon by combining relevant statutes, rules, and cases on matters such as domestic relations, employment, personal injuries, criminal offenses, business law, and public benefits. It includes a brand new chapter on airport issues. This valuable reference will help lawyers avoid potential pitfalls, and highlights situations in which standard advice for a citizen client might be inappropriate for a noncitizen client.


1 Automobile Issues
2 Business Law
3 Criminal Law—Immigration Consequences Arising from Criminal Actions of U.S. Citizens and Noncitizens
4 Employment Issues
5 Family Law
6 Housing
7 Public and Financial Benefits
8 Tax Law
9 Noncitizen Juveniles: Special Rules and Challenges
10 Noncitizen Survivors of Crimes and Domestic Abuse
11 Estate Planning
12 Airport and Boarder Issues

Table of Statutes and Rules
Table of Cases
Subject Index

A special thank you to the following editors and authors for their time and contribution to this new edition:

Teresa Statler, Philip Hornik, Mark Kinzler, Turid Owren, David N. Shamloo, Michael Dale, Christ Frost, Bradley Lechman-Su, Aukjen Ingraham, William J. Ohle, David Henretty, Megan Dorton, Beth Englander, Carol-Ann Simon, Siovhan Sheridan-Ayala, Michael M. Moore, Lucas, A. Welliver, and Bradley Maier.

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