NEW! Oregon Civil Pleading and Litigation, 2020 Edition

Lead the way to justice for your clients with this new resource, a must-have for any Oregon lawyer who handles civil cases. Whether you litigate often or only try one case per year, the tools you need are in Oregon Civil Pleading and Litigation.

You spoke. We listened. In response to member feedback, OSB Legal Publications has combined and updated all of the material previously published in Oregon Civil Pleading and Practice and Oregon Civil Litigation Manual into a three-volume resource: Oregon Civil Pleading and Litigation. We also added topics not previously included, such as appellate considerations for trial counsel and litigation technology.

Written and peer-reviewed by expert litigators, this book will guide you from the initial client interview and evaluation of a case to posttrial matters and preparing for the appeals process. Includes citations to and discussion of over 2,500 cases and 2,400 statutes and rules, as well as 150 forms.


Volume 1

1          Oregon State Courts: Overview and Rules
2          Case Intake and Evaluation
3          Jurisdiction: In Personam and In Rem
4          Venue
5          The Complaint
6          Parties–General Considerations and Procedure
7          Individual Parties and Representative Capacity
8          Business Entities as Parties
9          Governmental Units and Officers
10        Pleading Damages
11        Declaratory Judgments
12        Amended and Supplemental Pleadings
13        Interpleader and Intervention
14        Service, Summons, and Notice Requirements
15        Removal
16        Answers, Affirmative Defenses, Counterclaims, and Replies
17        Claim Preclusion, Issue Preclusion, and Related Doctrines
18        Cross-Claims, Third-Party Practice, and Joinder

Volume 2

19        Pretrial and ORCP 21 Motions
20        TROs and Injunctions
21        Receivers
22        Provisional Process
23        Scope of Discovery and E-Discovery
24        Discovery Requests: Medical Records and Examinations
25        Discovery Requests: Production and Inspection; Admission
26        Depositions
27        Subpoenas
28        Summary Judgment
29        Stipulations–Purpose, Types, and Techniques
30        Default
31        Negotiation, Settlement, and Compromise
32        Trial Notebook
33        Trial Memoranda
34        Trial Motions
35        Jury Selection: Voir Dire
36        Litigation Technology

Volume 3

37        Jury Instructions
38        Verdicts and Findings
39        Appellate Considerations for Trial Counsel
40        Posttrial Matters
41        Appealability of Judgments and Orders
42        Mandamus
43        Writs of Review and Proceedings in Quo Warranto
44        Bonds and Undertakings
45        Postjudgment Collections
46        Costs, Disbursements, and Attorney Fees
47        Class Actions
48        Pleading and Practice in Tribal Courts

Table of Forms 
Table of Statutes and Rules 
Table of Cases 

A special thank you to the following editors and authors for their time and contribution to this new edition:

Steve Larson, Caroline Crowne, Janet Schroer, Dan Skerritt, Kip Childs, Michael Willes, Jason Pistacchio, Paul A.C. Berg, Thomas R. Johnson, Kevin Schock, Jeff Bradford, Thomas K. Doyle, Josh Stadtler, Chelsea Glynn, Stacie Damazo, Frank Weiss, Sadie Concepcion, Steven Wilker, Stephanie Jo Grant, Sharon Rudnick, Aaron Landau, Nicholas Dazer, Renee Rothauge, Clark “Chip” Horner, Per Ramfjord, Jacob C. Goldberg, Megan Reuther, Jeremy Sacks, Kennon Scott, Andrew T. Ho, Keil Mueller, Daniel L. Keppler, Brian Gingerich, Steven C. Berman, Leslie S. Johnson, Colleen Munoz, Teresa Pearson, Eleanor Dubay, Ian Christy, Erica Clausen, Thomas D’Amore, Jason Poss, David B. Markowitz, Stanton Gallegos, Donna Lee, Joseph L. Franco, J. Matthew Donohue, Alex Hadduck, Hon. Susie Norby, Eric R. Mills, Lindsay Duncan, Michael B. Merchant, Margaret E. Schroeder, Matthew Colley, Nicholas D. Rogers, David Elkanich, Dayna Underhill, Joshua Stadtler, Timothy W. Grabe, Peter Hawkes, Evan Christopher, Amy Edwards, Crystal Chase, Robert Koch, Xin Xu, Thomas W. Brown, Julie A. Smith, Hillary Taylor, Susan D. Marmaduke, Erica Tatoian, Holly Pettit, Laurie R. Hager, Susan S. Ford, Cody Berne, Yoona Park, Jen Wagner, Lydia Andreson-Dana, and Robert James Miller.

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